Your questions answered!


What is Imagine Me Stories?

Imagine Me Stories is a monthly subscription box which delivers top quality children's books with black main characters to your door each month, plus empowering activities suitable for ages 0-12!

How much is it?

Mini box - Our mini Imagine Me Stories box which includes one book plus activities costs just £8.99 a month for a month to month subscription (plus flat rate UK shipping of £3.50/month). Subscriptions of 3 months or longer are discounted at £7.99 a month so the longer you subscribe the more you save!

Standard box - Our standard Imagine Me Stories box of three books plus activities costs just £19.99 a month for a month to month subscription (plus flat rate UK shipping of £3.50/month). Subscriptions of 3 months or longer are discounted at £18.99 a month!

Family Combo Box - Our mini Family Combo Box (3 books) costs £19.99 and our regular  Family combo box (5 books) costs £29.99 (plus flat rate UK shipping of £3.50/month). Subscriptions of 3 months or longer are discounted at £18.99 and £28.99 respectively. 

What age ranges/reading levels do you cater for?

We cater to children aged 0-12 and we have three categories of subscriptions for our books:

1. Tiny Conquerors Box (0-3 years)

Bright and colourful picture books for babies and toddlers!

2. Early Achievers Box (4-8 years)

Engaging picture books with a fun storyline for budding readers!

3. Big Dreamers Box (9-12 years) 

Inspiring books for confident readers! 

4. Family Combo Box 

For multiple reading levels!

We have included examples of books to expect in the product images for each of the categories, however our reading categories are just a guide and if you feel the books are not suitable for your child's reading level you can switch at anytime. 

Activities - Our activity sheets are not categorised by age and will include a generic selection of fun activities that children of a variety of ages can enjoy. 

Can I find out what is in my box?    

For your first box you will be sent a Welcome Box which includes activities and a selection of our most popular books. For standard boxes (including Family Combo) you will also receive a Reading Ladder Chart and Black Icon sticker. We don't reveal in advance what the books will be, it would spoil the surprise for you and the unboxing excitement! Sometimes we will have a sneak peek of some of our our favourite books on our social media accounts. You can browse our website to get an idea of the types of books that may be featured in upcoming boxes. 

What if I already have one or more of the books?

First of all, well done on being such an avid buyer of representative books! Unfortunately, because we plan our boxes months ahead of shipping them, we’re generally unable to control this dilemma. If you receive a book in our box you already have, we suggest gifting a copy to a child who you believe will appreciate it. 

If you have a particularly extensive library and this is of serious concern to you, please do drop us a line at before subscribing and we will do our best to see if we can make a special arrangement.


When will I get my box?

Our boxes ship around the 26th of each month and the cut off date is 21st of the  month. So if you subscribe anytime from the 22nd of September to the 21st of October, your box will ship around 26 October and so on.

UK shipping normally takes 3-5 days for delivery. International delivery can take between 7-15 days.

How much is shipping?

We charge a flat rate of  £3.50  for UK shipping on our subscriptions. We have currently placed a limit on shipping to international countries due to complications caused by COVID. If you are based outside of the UK and require a box please do contact us to see if we are able to ship to your location.  


When will I be billed?

First orders are billed immediately, and subsequently you will be billed on the 2nd of each following month or every three/six/twelve months for multiple month subscriptions.

Can I cancel my order/subscriptions?

Of course! You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time before your next renewal. If you would like to cancel your automatic payments, please notify us before your next payment goes out on the 2nd of your renewal month. You can do this from your customer portal or by emailing us at 

Please note cancellations are for future boxes only, and not for the boxes already paid for (1, 3, 6 or 12 depending on your subscription plan).


May I return my subscription items for a refund?

Unfortunately, being a small business we are unable to offer refunds or returns for Imagine Me Stories subscriptions as our stock is purchased on a final sale basis. We are also unable to part refund multiple month subscriptions although you can cancel your renewal at any time.


Can I order an Imagine Me Stories subscription  as a one off gift?

You definitely can! 

All you have to do is check the ‘This is a Gift’ box at checkout, and enter the recipient’s name and email. You will be required to create an account with us and you can use your own email in that section. 

Check the box to say whether you want the box to be a recurring gift or a one-off.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy 

Links to our full terms of service and our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Business/Author Enquiries

If I'm a business wanting to partner with Imagine Me Stories, how can I get in touch?

Thank you for your interest in working with us! Please email us at with information about your services and products, along with a brief pitch explaining why we might be suitable for a partnership. Please use ‘Business Inquiry’ or 'Author Inquiry' as the email subject line, and if able, please send us a sample of the items, books or services you’d like to promote with us. Also, keep in mind that we are unable to respond to every email we receive. We’ll try to reach back within a few days of you sending us an email if we’re interested in partnering!